Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's just a hunch but....

This line could almost be a great book title for all those tales of ..."when I listened to my inner voice/feelings etc, I got it in one or the answer was staring me in the face".

This intuitive punch is the very thing that gets us excited (sometimes fearful) but always amazed at the synchronicity/good luck/ happenstance of life delivering her sweet justices.


The fact that most of us do not even credit our intuitive faculties is very sad.

These are some of our most glorious gifts.

Have you ever wanted to know....

* Profound shifts in consciousness
* How to receive clear and reliable guidance
* How to re-invent yourself and your reality from the inside out
* How to align to source on a daily basis
* Spiritual solutions to seeming ‘problems’
* Signs, symbols and metaphors in your everyday life
* How to receive clear and reliable guidance
* How to release unwanted vibrations
* The natural opening of your third eye and psychic centers
* How to harness your intuition at greatly heightened levels
* The myriad ways your intuition communicates with you
* How to achieve a 'clear state' for receiving guidance
* Higher insights into queries, problems and challenges
* The healing power of unconditional love
* The ‘bigger picture' and true loving nature of reality

Well you can now find out and develop all the gifts of your own intuition.

Sometimes they say that if you do not develop a talent you lose it.

What that really means is that you never give yourself the opportunity to develop it

So get up to speed with your intuition...  How?

Listen to that voice within that does not give you the answer you prefer but opens you to a response taking you into uncomfortable territory. These lands are the most fertile, yet so often the most ignored. Unless we challenge ourselves and much of what we are fed, we simply remain in a place that is comfortable. That place is ripe for stagnation.

Do you honestly believe that 'comfortable' is a place of growth, of the new and vibrant?

How willing are you to challenge all the beliefs you currently hold and what amount of difference are you prepared to accept into your life in order that change comes about?

We have spent our whole lives being fed on the opinions, desires, knowledge and proclivities of others, be they parent, adult, sibling, teacher or state. Yet so much of what we have allowed into our consciousness has very often been accepted without any critical thought, little disbelief and much credulity.

We have witnessed and been shown in life that "spiritual" leaders have ended up with feet of clay and examples of the hubris they fostered. Certainly the present leaders and power brokers are, in the main, a bunch of self serving charlatans. Yet the level of acceptance these figures manage to procure is mind boggling.

Our intuitive radar is as switched off as our discrimination.

The old sore that all is one and the goodness within each is our saving grace, washes nothing except our personal whitewash of a truth hidden by fear or compliance.

It is that very fear that deadens the 'voice box' of intuition. It is the damper on any insight or prescience, which at any other time becomes a life saver. By ignoring or being 'too busy' and overriding our intuitive faculties, we take either the long or grossly circuitous route to even greater pain and suffering.

Too many in the Body Mind world are living a disillusion of enlightened being. For many that might seem like heresy, yet in the greatest comfort of the meditation experience, the balanced chakra state of alignment, the feel good community of like minds,  lies the seed bed of blindness to reality, a reality too often denied as being "not my sort of spiritual path".

The inner voice that is our intuition may very well be the implanted voice of a controller. That could be oneself or another, yet controller it is. Are we capable to know the difference? Will we know what is which or are we forever consigned to an endless unchallenged, unanswered question?

Perhaps, it is this very conundrun leading us to that point where we question everything and live within that wholesome doubt daily.....

Whatever it is, one thing is for certain - it is high time we allowed the entrance of our intuitive faculties to take center stage and be far more prominent in the toolkit of discrimination. Without its presence, we remain the flotsom and jetsam of a life at the mercy of sirens.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why women love romance (and why some men are so bad at it)

 My thanks to my friend Mark Tyrell for this amusing take....


They’re both really attractive, in a cutesy kind of way. They’re meant to be together. We, mere strangers in a movie theatre, chomping popcorn like witless cud-chewing bovines, know they’re meant to be together. So why in the name of all things Jennifer Aniston don’t they know they’re meant to be together!
Why women love romance?
Romance is not dead, or shouldn't be

Misunderstandings roll, cute things happen, zany best friends glide in and out, you check your watch, no CGI explosions occur (there might be the odd “humorous” fist fight) and finally these two lovable bright-toothed dimwits realize they were always meant to be together. What a relief for all of us. Now we can go home. The Rom Com is over, thank you very much and goodnight. But is that the end of it for you?

Romantic Comedies: The Dark Side!

Personally I feel all rom-coms should carry health warnings because of the testosterone-depleting effects they can have on men. Okay here’s a secret; I admit it. I have enjoyed the odd rom-com begrudgingly. Is that wrong?
But it seems these movies really could damage your relationships. Research has found that viewing a rom-com can make people feel less appreciative of their partner and less loving toward them (1). Expectations get unrealistically raised and reality bites and it isn’t sexy. But is this new?

Frog-kissing, slipper-fitting, castle-living fun

Popular media has always moulded notions of how romance and relationships “should” be. Traditional fairy tales, read literally, seem to propagate an idealized version of romance.
On cue with a little understanding from the beautiful girl our frog turns into a handsome prince with a private trust fund. Or the situation seems hopeless, all is chaos with wicked step sisters and the like, but somehow, through destiny, the prince finds his bride, the slipper fits, and everybody gets the “happily ever after” we all knew was coming.
But in real life the “princess” wonders why the “magic” so often happens in reverse. Kiss Prince Charming (plus a little more) and miraculously he’s transmuted into an uncommunicative, belching, couch-hogging frog. “Cinderella” takes to stalking “Prince Charming”, finds he’s married or as faithful as a rooster on heat and it all ends in tears. I don’t remember that fairy tale! So, unrealistic expectations aside where, if at all, is true romance in all of this?

Romance-the forgotten art

Genuine romance, as opposed to paid for at the movie theatre, shouldn’t be about holding perfectionist standards for our loved one or expecting smooth glamor now and always. Romantic feelings should be resilient and override the normal demands of life up to a point at least.

What is romance? You can have wonderful sex and friendship in your relationship but little or no romance. I think men fall for a woman romantically when she captures his imagination as well as his…err loins. And she will capture his imagination (as long as he has one) by responding to his romance.

So romance may be more likely to spark and burn alongside sex and friendship but somehow it’s more than those two things. A meal can be sustaining and satisfying but the “romance” of the meal is in its unique flavours.

It’s often said by women that men, most men, just aren’t romantic.

But I wonder whether this is really true.

I suspect men feel just as romantic but don’t always know how to communicate their romantic feelings. The flavor needs to be unlocked.

Men will just as often speak of love when honestly discussing their relationships. The idea that men only care about the lust part but not the deeper feelings associated with love is just not true. Romance is a feeling, a sense of unique connection with someone – a merging of spirits, but it is also a behaviour – a way of communicating. So you can feel loving and romantic but not necessarily know how to communicate that.

It’s about the gesture

I know a woman whose ex-boyfriend bought her an electric drill for her first birthday they were together. He’d assumed this would have more utilitarian value than a surprise weekend break or a painting and flowers. And he was right – an electric drill is more useful and will last longer. But romance is about:

• The gesture
• The unique symbolic meaning behind the gesture.

So what is the gesture, the meaning behind buying your loved one an electric drill? That you feel neighborly towards her? That you are a post feminist male? That the floorboards need aligning? We men might find it hard to comprehend that the less practical application a gift has the more romantic it can be.

In one survey nearly all the women sampled agreed that flowers meant more to them when they were given for no particular reason at all (2). Go figure! Or rather go buy some flowers! What makes it romantic is precisely that it doesn’t “do” anything, it represents something. It has symbolic meaning.

Here’s an important point. The guy who bought his woman an electric drill may have felt romantic toward her, so it wasn’t that he wasn’t romantic at heart it’s just that a central aspect of what romance really means to many women wasn’t on his radar.

Romance can be learned

Men may not stand around in locker rooms discussing the “lovely romantic gesture” their hot date made last night and guys don’t generally discuss rom-coms when they get together for a beer.

But the fact that men, okay some men cherish their women, love them passionately and actually like them too shows that romance is genuinely part of who they are and how they feel.

Many men are amazed how behaving more, just a bit more, romantically with a woman has such powerful affects. Romantic gestures and even words show:

• That you take the trouble to think about her and the two of you.
• That you are considerate and feel uniquely toward her.
• That however tough, manly, macho up-to-the-plate-stepping you are, you are able to be nurturing too.
• That you are able to think creatively.

Sure some men will learn to counterfeit romance in order to manipulate women, just as some women will counterfeit sexual interest in a man in order to manipulate him.

Romance, to be genuine, needs to be congruent, a genuine sentiment.
These are and always will be those non transforming toads and the wicked witches of fairy tale lore.

But most people, women and men can feel true romantic sentiments and develop ways to genuinely communicate them outside of rom-com land.

Guys, if you’d like to know more about how to make yourself more attractive to women, see Mark’s course ‘10 Steps to Be Naturally Attractive to Women’.

(1) See: Volume 17 Numbers 3 & 4, 2007: IN SEARCH OF MY “ONE-AND-ONLY”:
(2) A nationwide (U.S.A.) survey conducted in 1996 found that almost all women give an unexpected gift of flowers high marks for emotional impact. In the survey, conducted by Bruskin/Goldring Research for SAF, more than nine out of 10 women (94 percent) say that flowers mean the most when they receive them as a surprise.

Tempus Fugit - and irreplaceable....

What is this elusive creature we feel so tied to and yet respect so little?

In my youth we had a superb grandfather clock that graced the hallway of the farmhouse we lived in.I always remember the Latin motto inscribed across the plate containing Old Father Time with his scythe, who appeared on each quarter hour to remind us of the fleeting nature of all things. The motto was 'Tempus fugit' - Time flees or as we so are accustomed to say, flies.

How many of you reading this can put your hand up and truly admit to saving time today?

Really, that many....?

OK, next question... having saved this time, where have you placed the saved time so it garners interest, accumulates some sort of pay back?

I am reminded of my father quipping once, when he lived in Italy and held an account at the Banco di Santo Spirito (literally Bank of the Holy Ghost) that he would go negotiate with the Holy Ghost as to how best to invest the inordinate amount of saved time, so it accrued interest enough to make it viable to stay around the Holy Ghost. But the humour raises a serious point...

What are you doing to make the most of the time saved and if unable to save time, are you finding there is no time to do this or that or that you are not given enough time to do as you please. Is this familiar - "If I had more time..."?

Time is Money!
Let me pose one question - who created time?

Bottom line.... we did and continue to do. Of course sensibly, to divide periods into manageable segments, to quantify a speck in eternity and to make sure the half hour of housework is just that! Less sensibly to feel threatened by, imprisoned by and unable to control our own invention.

Someone this morning made the statement, if they had more time, were given more time, their life would be different, their ability to make changes and do more, would be able to be put into action. Poor creature, no-one has ever told this person who is at the controls. But then it has always been so -  as long as I can throw the blame outside of me then I get out of the responsibility of taking any sort of action and accountability, but importantly of taking any action ejecting me from my comfort zone.

So beware the moment you hear yourself telling yourself or others, you have no time and pining for more of it.

Who told the wind it was time to blow through the grass?
We have to take responsibility for what we do, think and say. All these three major instigators of the quality of our existence are there for a purpose, not decoration.

Time past is lost - Time from the future is as ephemeral as a summer's morning mist hit by the sun's first rays. Now is the only time so unless we can be present, live in this moment, relish and be aware of its magnificence then we have lost a jewel of unutterable worth. We have let slip the riches of eternity, as they manifested for that instant to reveal the beauty we so often ignore, superimpose or just plain lose sight of.

Heart Centre
Joy, happiness, fellowship, love and deep comprehension of the magnitude of bliss we are enveloped in can be suffused into this moment or lost on the temporal plains of suffering and poor me consciousness.

Today has been designated, the Day of Love. Commercially, it holds its own and for those enraptured with the 'giving ' of loving thoughts, treasured feelings and pheromonic impulses and chocies - ENJOY!

For all of us though, let us not forget we need no day to remind us to love. We need NO designated time to set aside for loving kindness.

Let us nurture in our hearts and minds the love that is with us all the time. The love that shows us the present moment to be the ecstatic instant expression of LOVE IN ACTION.....

We then appreciate its timeless nature, its immediacy of intimacy and its expression of unconditional beauty showered over us if we are only able to feel it and become it.

St Valentine, apart from becoming a handy messenger for a highly manipulated belief system, carries a timely reminder of what it all is really all about......


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Anicca - The fleeting passage of all things

Bobby McFerrin struck the right chord - Don't Worry Be Happy

How many of us can truly admit to being happy?

So many hours, minutes and days of our lives we spend worrying about this, that or the other. Where does this get us after all the worry? Are the worries solved through this energy stealing process? No, of course not, it just leaves us feeling even worse than we started out feeling.

Then who do we blame? So often something outside ourselves, someone else becomes the butt of our frustration, disappointment, anger, grief, whatever.

The answer is so simple it would seem at first sight, not an answer!

Let go, desist from holding on.....

So, first of all try this little experiment. Think of something that got you worried - focus on it but more importantly on the feelings it brought up in you, and probably still does, just thinking of it. Really get a feeling for how it seems to permeate your whole being, almost disease like, spreading across your awareness into the cells of your being.


Now stop - let all that go - and feel, sense and remember something really beautiful, loving, romantic, sensational and let those feelings pour through you, cleansing your whole being in lightness, upliftment, love..... Got the feelings? Notice how the whole body, your whole being resonates with tingly, jingly, sensations of pure joy and happiness.

....... Whoa!

Now let that all go....go on, let it go! You may want to bathe in it forever but just let it go.

Unlike the other sensation you want this to stay.... the other you were glad to get rid, right?

Yet now just stay with both those experiences. They were exactly the same... No? Well, they were because they both brought to your awareness feelings of pain and joy, sorrow and gladness etc. They created sensations you wanted to immediately stay with or get rid of.

They both produced responses taking you to a high or a low or somewhere in between. So the question is, where was the middle way in all this, where it was neither arousingly positive nor negatively reactive?

Do you suppose that place is neither exciting nor involving? Perhaps it seems too grey to be worth focusing on.

Yet that place is the holy of Holies, the sanctuary of sanctuaries. The still point of being. How little we allow ourselves the beauty of being there. This is the place where impermanence (Anicca - sanskrit anitya) resides. The space where impermanence presents itself in what is - fleeting experience. The hello and goodbye of all life.

It is the ground of true reality in this life as we know it and also the doorway to the reality (Nirvana) we have allowed ourselves to forget.

Where there is attachment there is always sorrow and suffering (Dukkha - sanskrit duhkha). Be it positive or negative. For some they feel if there is no attachment to joy or sorrow, then the full flavor cannot be enjoyed. Yet having a great time, relationship etc - when that finishes as surely it is inevitable, hanging on creates suffering. letting go and celebrating in gratitude allows for an even stronger energy of abundance to flood right into the vacated space

Whatever is impermanent is subject to change. Whatever is subject to change is subject to suffering.
— The Buddha

Suffering is the inevitable by product of human existence. What makes the difference is the acceptance of this and thus the letting go of attachment to it as a means of fuel for progress forward. It is, in truth, the brake of all brakes preventing our human vehicle maintaining its forward momentum.

When we accept all our suffering is self inflicted, created from our attachment to this outcome or that, then surely the medicine appropriate to health is let go.....

Anatta (or its Sanskrit anatman) means non Self - it signifies all phenomena as not being a self. All these things are not our Self. They neither contain their own self hood. They are the creations of our Self yet are utterly impermanent - phantasmagorical. Hold on and they seem real - let go and they dissipate  and no longer exist.

The more business we occupy in our life the more distractions, attachments and worries we have to play with. Yet simply, by allowing all these things the experience of connecting to, yet not holding onto, we give ourselves a much smoother ride. We also benefit from an objective view point on our own lives and as we all know when you are in the subjective it is nigh impossible to see the whole mountain range yet objectively we allow ourselves the placement of a higher vantage point and see more clearly the vista of experience.

The world may appear shitty today yet this is simply how it is perceived. Let go of perceptions, stay in that place where so much is seen as transitory, let go of what holds you there and feed the healthy outcome, nascent in every painful growth.

All this too passes!

But be sure of one thing - Be Happy - Don't worry!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yada! Yada! Yoga!

Yoga here, Yoga there, Yoga, Yoga, everywhere.....

And we all just love it, don't we?

Of course... but then somethings can get terribly lost in the 'IT'ness of things.

What do I mean?

Fads, trends and celebrity endorsements lead to a lost path of following the Bah Bahs.

Equally it can lead to enlightenment, however what is so important is to be able to discriminate between the blah, the fuzzy and the stark truth.

We are inundated in an age of information, indoctrination and mind control. Subtle, sordid, overt, covert, sensual, seductive, manipulative, specious and speculative. Most chose to go along, with whatever pap they are told by the 'usual sources'. Others believe what their friends and colleagues believe and continue the "pack" theory, alternative or not.

The ones to really 'sus' what is reality are those developing a sharp and incisive 'critical thinking'' process. One built on questioning everything and believing nothing until it sits well in a place of well constructed facts and critical thought through.

Not many people address this side of life yet it is the core of the yogic life. It was the Buddha himself who is attributed the quote:

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it,
no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees
with your own reason and your own common sense."

The comfort zone of  those who agree and think like me is a very potent siren call, yet how much bull can be eaten and drunk just because your best friend said it. 

The Usual Suspects
The media today is pretty much universally agreed by those who study these things, to be the puppy of the regime. The outlet for the elite belief system to be aired. The propagation of mind control of the masses into submissive acceptance of the unacceptable.

In the USA the major channels and news media are owned and bought by the corporate dogs. Little or no independent airing from these pits of pap. The BBC, an austere and for so long well respected organ of balance in reporting has been ceremoniously swallowed by the hegemony of psychopathic controllers, as have the Italian media and many others who are mere striplings of the Murdoch empire, Gates Foundation and other major cartels of corruption. it seems the 'old ogre' of the cold war own media outlet Russia Today is one of the very few truthful reporters of what really is going down in our name and under our nose. 
Some vestige of open reporting

Yet as much as there is a plethora of misinformation dressed up as truth, venal lies displayed as evidence of such truths, irrealities dressed as absolute fact, it ultimately is down to you and me to correct  these travesties if we are to develop, move forward and evolve. To do so from the inside.

Thus the whole caboodle is an "inside job"! As such it needs to be attended to in an appropriate manner and leaving the knee jerk and home spun myths on the compost of yesterday......

As Yoga people how is this approached?

Discrimination (Viveka) is a quality we are encouraged to develop in yoga. Truth (Satya) is also one of the Yamas we are encouraged to practice. Yet truth is pretty much subjective and thus my truth may not necessarily be your truth. Upon such niceties wars have been fought, won and lost. Yet facts are just that - facts. They are bald or created as bald faced lies or just known as facts.

Within the media their truth is spread like wildfire in the wolf's clothing of fact and we sheep believe so much of it - and if not believe refrain from challenging such preposterous bull. We hide behind the assumption we are too small and insignificant. A well played card from they who wish us to feel so diminished. 

So much recently has been put out as truth yet quickly been proven to be propaganda and downright mendacious. Yet without discrimination we are carried on the tide of believing what we are fed.

How can change really take place unless such travesties are questioned, promoted as lies, falsehoods, rejected and exposed? Until we do this on a daily basis very little changes and the core corruption hardens into the norm.

How, you might ask, does this sit with Ahisma, the non injury we are also supposed to cultivate on our yoga path?

Gandhi for one was able to illustrate through his life how to deal with these charlatans of ThoughtSpeke. All great thinkers, spiritual leaders and epitomes of the 'rightful way' have been the 'terrorists' of their generations. Facing full on the monster that usurps the power of others. They also taught how to take that power back and own it live it and share it. No religion, bent on controlling this message to their own ends deserves a thought or cow tow from any of us. Yet while so many do, their reign of control and fear will always stay in place.

Therein lies some of the potency of the yogic life. The most powerful of all the tools available are Action and Example . We need to shift our position creating, Actionasana and less Chit Chat Ananda

Growing out of the "what can little me do" personality into the "I can" individual, is a major step forward and the best action to initiate.

Many on the yoga path say things like. 

"The media? I don't buy newspapers or watch TV so I do not get involved in these lies and conceits." 

Yet if you cut yourself off from what is being created in your name. If you have no idea what on earth is being subjected onto a life you are part of then how the heck are you aware of the problems those less aware than you are under?

La La Land may feel like paradise and a righteous place to hang out in, yet just like the Land of Oz it's a mirage, a dream. The reality is within you and I and we need to make it so.....

By ignoring what is going on in one corner of life, especially when that corner may be a cornerstone, it becomes very much a living in denial. 

Look at it this way, when practicing Asteya (non stealing/cheating) why not highlight the cheating, stealing ways the corporate/rulers are using to subjugate those under them. How the disempowerment and denial of the right to be open, free, expressive is squeezed and obliterated.

Use Brahmacharya (restraint/moderation) to NOT use the same tactics as the transgressors use. Learn to be clear, concise, informed and not get coaxed into anger or over passionate reaction (as opposed to response).

Remember to live Aparigraha (non coveting/envy) consciously. That does mean not being jealous of other's fortune or lot. Not secretly loathing another's place, reward or luck (whatever that may be!) There may be great disparities in wealth. It is useless to feel jealous of such conditions, yet it is oh, so meaningful to expose the illegal and harmful ways any such wealth may have been accumulated. Wealth itself is neither ugly nor evil. It just is....wealth. How it came to those that steward it IS the question and focus. At the same token celebrate such wealth when it has been earned rightfully. Wealth in any description goes way beyond financial in all cases.

Bringing the Niyamas to bear on cleaning up your class act, means walking your talk in Saucha (purity). Making sure everything you do, think, say, act upon is coming from the best you are, think and feel.

When we see misery, suffering, depression and negativity do not take any of that personally. Be detached in that way, yet empathic to the reality of others situation. The world is a very beautiful place, made hell by our individual and collective thoughts and acceptances. See the diamond at the bottom of the cesspit of filth and do your darndest to clear and clean that pool. Maintain Santosh (contentment) in the knowledge that all is very well and make it so where you perceive otherwise. Two blind people are going to find the path real difficult against one blind person being led along it by a fully sighted companion. Your sight and insight can become another person's candle.

The art of Tapas (discipline) is nothing to do with denial or austerity. It has everything to do with keeping a rein check on one's emotional, physical and mental body. Catching the negative thought before it really kills. Checking over indulgence in anything is not putting overweight on any situation or person including oneself. Living in balance as much as one is able. This sort of self discipline builds a strong core, able to face up and challenge the travesties enacted in our governing and corporate bodies we elect.

The most important and over riding quality to set all these other parts in full running order is Svadyaya (study of the self). Heck, unless we get to know who we are, then all we are doing is adjusting the deck chairs on our Titanic, unnavigable vessel in life.

Change can only be initiated and propelled from within. Begin on the inside and the outside will reflect all that progress.

Of course what is perceived outside, around us, the good bad and indifferent, is merely the construct of each and every one of our own perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and conditioning perpetuated and continually propagated. I cannot change yours, you cannot change mine. What I can do is address, question in the strongest possible terms the legitimacy of my own processes and demand and make changes to align with where I really want to be and the world I truly want to be part of.

Going to a yoga class, wearing the fancy robes, chuckling the chakras, nobbling the nadis and breathing the bandhas into submission is worthless if we do not make changes that eject ourselves from our comfort zone within which we have always outstayed our welcome. Taking up the challenge to question the handed down wisdom of the psychopaths as much as the reformists and seriously asking the question - Who am I? - and wanting an answer.

To help create an open forum on exposing what passes as the inevitable, the bridge too far to even attempt to cross. Ultimately to prize open a chink in the doorway to freedom and allow that light to expose a glimpse of what is potential, what is lying in the realms of the impossible just waiting to be born into the possible.

Impossible = I AM POSSIBLE.....!

So less talk.....more walk..... Yada! Yada! .... Go!

Friday, January 27, 2012

What you want does not always come true

Have you ever wished upon a star and then that star produce a wish you never thought of making?

This is the tale of a wish that did not come true in the way was wanted. But then we never are really the best judge of what we want, are we?

Some years back a party of pilgrims including the author set out to spend the Christmas and New Year seeking spiritual succour down Egypt's way. Precisely we were set on visiting Giza, Saqquara and Luxor.

Having first arrived in Cairo we set forth to visit the monoliths that are the Great Pyramid, Chephren and its little brother Mycerinus. Each an example and mystery of another age a prehistory lost in unimaginable ambiguous tales past down through ages. Yet behind all these is a mystery that is magical, marvellous and majestic.

Our mission as we thought was to arrange for our eight members to be allowed to meditate on the solstice, 21st December in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid. We had planned this and the ceremony we wished to do. So making tracks to the Head of Archeology at Giza we were not prepared for the bureaucracy of Egyptian antiquaries. A mass of waiting, imploring and resignation saw our plans come to nothing. Our wishes were looking as ruined as some of the antiquities around us. We repaired that evening to our hotel in some disappointment.It looked surprisingly as if we would only be allowed access to Chephren's Pyramid and only after 4 pm when the tourists had left. We felt we had missed the special solstice.

Deciding to ring our friend and group astrologer in London to find out precisely when the solstice was to take place, we were astonished to find out that the precise time of solstice would be the next day at 4.30 pm. We had been granted an hour between 4-5pm. Well things were looking up and maybe we had not cut ourselves from this auspicious day.

We travelled over to Giza the next morning to meet with the Head of Antiquity himself and after a short wait took the regulation tea with him. He then threw down the bombshell. He was so sorry the Great Pyramid was closed off to the public due to renovation - I thought to myself they have had several thousand years for that have they not! - and due to these renovations we would be able to be locked into the Great Pyramid that morning for as long as we wanted and then as compensation for any inconvenience we would be able to go to the ancient square Pyramid at Saqquara, where his second in command would personally take us down in to the stepped pyramid which had always been closed to public eyes and feet.

It was with the significant placement of our party in Chephren at the right time and place we then knew a higher power was in control and sweetly altering our own ego led wants and needs.

The meditation in the Kings Chamber was literally out of this world. We each in turn reconstructed the ancient 7 veil transitional journey of initiation every initiate into the higher priesthood undertook in ancient times.This involved lying in the sarcophagus whilst the others chanted and ritually built a bridge across the 7 temptations, to allow the initiate to face their worst and deepest fears. Had any of the seven been too strong to resist or ignore the life line would have cut and death followed. We mercifully had all done this before in those long off days and with the pillar of a strong spiritual constitution, we survived.

The details of this day will always be one of the greatest moments in this life for me and as a sort of blessing, on exiting the Pyramid I walked around its exterior smaller than its other partners in the sands and admired its origins. I also was presented with an image that the professional in me could not ignore.

This was then where the Sword of Truth was born. With at exactly at midday the sun directly above the pyramid, without any help from filters or SFX a 13 pointed mandala of light around the sun thrust a sword of light directly into the pyramid. Chephren's pyramid is considered to represent the feminine principle and if we then recognise the sun as representative of the masculine principle, the sword of light is that which represents the engendering of truth through the balance of the two opposites. Surrounded by the light and dark, the manifest symbols of duality.

This profoundly moving image becomes a powerful meditation mandala and yantra (an object to look at increasing the meditation and insight) and has since been used by many to such ends.

For our small group this defining day that covered millennia became the beginning of a spiritual journey that led to many years of gradual revelation continuing to this day. These lands as with all ancient and sacred places hold perennial messages and guidance, revealed as we let go, let flow and comprehend a greater guidance leading us through the greatest mystery of all - Life.

A copy of this image as a poster can be found here